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Your lawyer, notary, consultant on legalization and other migration matters in one site.

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Consultation with a lawyer or notary over the phone on various issues

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All questions on legal migration of foreigners in Poland

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Domestic issues

Polish financial programs that suit you

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Domestic issues

The employer does not pay wages or you have doubts about the legality of his actions

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Real estate

A home mortgage you may not know about

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About us

The Migrant Vision team does not consist of random people who are experts in their field. We work daily with demanding clients who do not know how to act in different situations.

We provide full information support on what steps you need to take to get the desired result.

We speak human language and understand the problems and goals of our clients.

Our competencies as an information platform are built on the basis of many years of work to provide advice to clients on various issues.

Our clients appreciate the positive attitude and experience of the Migrant Vision team.

We have built our competencies on the basis of many years of experience.

We share with our clients proven information on how to act in different situations to get the desired result.

We guarantee that by contacting the Migrant Vision information platform, you will be able to count on the experience of specialists who will show you the way to act in different situations to get the desired result.

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We provide information instantly.

Instant answers to all your questions.

Legally verified.

Answers to questions in accordance with the Polish legal framework.

Full support for legalization.

We advise and lead you comprehensively to a legal stay in Poland.

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Feedback from our customers.

Приехал в другую страну. Не знаю языка и законов. Постоянно обращаюсь к Migrant Vision и получаю необходимую информацию.

Yaroslav Lyapustin
Arrived from Ukraine in 2022


Denis Zeiger
Przyjechał z Moldowy 2022

Рекомендую Migrant Vision. Покроково надали мені консультацію, як отримати карту побиту.

Galina Golovko
Arrived from Ukraine in 2023

Не могла самостійно розібратися як отримати державну допомогу. Підписалась на Migrant Vision та отримала всю необхідну інформацію з цього питання.

Olena Galushak
Arrived from Ukraine in 2022

Полностью рекомендую Migrant Vision. Предоставили мне ответы на все вопросы в которых я не мог разобраться самостоятельно.

Oleg Krivonos
Arrived from Ukraine in 2022

Супер. Никогда бы не подумал, что за такие копейки можно получить столько помощи. Реально помогли.

Pavel Makarevich
Arrived from Belarus in 2018
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